Why invest with us

We invest our own funds.
We share a common goal.

We offer interesting capital appreciation

We aim for a stable return on investmentsin the amount of 6.5%.

We invest in the fund ourselves

We, as the founders, take personal interest in the success of every project. We invest our own funds.

We minimise risks

We place great emphasis on minimising investment risks.

We cooperate with
the RONELI group

Thanks to our close cooperation with the RONELI Group, we are able to prepare, implement and sell or manage investment projects.

We are transparent

We are a purely Czech company with its registered office in the Czech Republic, with a transparent ownership structure. You can get to know us personally and learn about our experience and visions.

We build on our experience.

Fund founders use long-term experience in real estate investment, project management and bank financing.


We cooperated with RONELI on the land construction project in the Prague district of Vinohrady. The cooperation took place in an efficient, correct manner to the satisfaction of all participants. The final result exceeded our expectations.
Helena Švermová
"I can confirm that the investment in the residential project in Prague – Břevnov was very successful and the stated goal was achieved with RONELI, both financially and in time."
Gabriela Slípková
“I can only recommend investing with RONELI. Together, we are creating a larger residential project in Prague. Cooperation shall take place on solid and reliable ground. Before our very eyes, we can see the appreciation of our investments.”
Pavel Brabec