About the fund

Success based on a unique investment strategy and partnership with the RONELI Group

About the RONELI SICAV a.s. fund

6,5 % p.a.

Expected appreciation of your investment

Our fund of qualified investors is primarily intended for investors who want to add value their assets by investing in real estate,

in a field in which the fund founders have been long-term and successful business operators and have shown a high level of security and stable price increases in the long term. The REALITY sub-fund is intended for this very purpose.

Thanks to a close partnership with RONELI, a project team of experts with long-term experience in real estate investment, project management and bank financing is involved in project implementation from the beginning to the end. Thanks to this partnership, we are able to minimise the potential risks of realised projects, thereby ensuring a stable, safe and above-standard return on invested funds in this particular segment.

Investment strategy

The basic investment strategy of the fund is investment in mainly residential housing in the Czech Republic. We thus follow up on successfully implemented projects and develop other activities that aim to implement quality projects in desirable investment locations. We take advantage of the comparative advantages of cooperation with companies of the RONELI Group, where we are able to deal with in-house projects. From a thorough analysis of the investment plan, through architectural design, design and engineering, construction, to real estate management or timely sale.
We prefer investment security, and diversification of investment risks plays a crucial role in our decision making. We monitor current trends in real estate and invest in quality projects. We also engage bank financing for projects, thereby increasing the profitability of equity capital. We are a credible and reliable partner for funding banks in the realisation of our investments. And this also applies to our investors.

Basic information

Name of fund:


Field of investment:
real estate

Targeted investor return:
6,5 % p.a.


Currency of the sub-fund:

Investment horizon:
5 years or more

Capital appreciation period:

Investment shares

Share class


Share type:
Growth share

Minimum amount
of investment:

Initial fee:
max. 3 %

Management fee
1,7 %

Performance-based compensation
35 % over 6,5 %

Exit fee
after 3 years
without a fee

Fund partners