RONELI SICAV a.s. fund
of qualified investors

A strategy based on partnership with the RONELI Group

Expected investment appreciation of 6.5% p.a.

The RONELI SICAV a.s. fund of qualified investors is primarily intended for investors who want to appreciate their funds by investing in real estate, in the field in which the founders of the fund are long-term and successful business operators and have a high level of security and stable price increases in the long term.

Founders' vision

Our main mission is to ensure the continuous growth of the fund's assets with an emphasis on minimising investment risks. This is achieved by an appropriate portfolio of projects and their effective management from creation to optimal timely sale or management. We therefore offer investors an interesting appreciation of their investments while minimising investment risks.

Fund specifications

Name of fund:


Field of investment:
real estate

Targeted investor return:
6,5 % p.a.


Currency of the sub-fund:

Investment horizon:
5 years or more

Capital appreciation period:

We build on our cooperation with the RONELI Group

RONELI is a purely Czech group that brings companies operating in the field of investment construction together. The individual companies of the Group are mainly active in the general supply of construction, design and engineering activities and development.

over CZK 1,3 billion

value of projects realised

8 years

existence of the group

over 60

realised projects